Claudia 5.3: Lambda Layers

Claudia 5.3.0 is now on NPM, making it easy to use AWS Lambda Layers. Layers are reusable file archives that you can deploy once and then link to multiple functions.

Just use the --layers option with claudia create, or --layers, --add-layers or --remove-layers with claudia update, and list the layer ARNs after. The --layers option replaces all the layers, and --add-layers or --remove-layers allow you to incrementally add or remove just certain layers.

To see these options in action, check out these two example projects:

Layers are very useful if you want to deploy a large binary package with your Lambda function, for example to transcode videos. It’s unlikely that the binary file will change every time you update your function code, so using a layer can reduce the time it takes to deploy a function significantly.

To make it easier to get started with Layers, we pre-packaged FFmpeg, SOX, Pandoc and RSVG and published on AWS – you can link to them directly. Check out the Lambda Utility Layers post for more information.

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