Claudia API Builder

Use API Gateway as it if were a lightweight JavaScript web server

Use AWS API Gateway as if it were a lightweight web server

Claudia API Builder is an extension library for Claudia.js that helps you get started with AWS API Gateway easily, and significantly reduces the learning curve required to launch web APIs in AWS.

Instead of having to learn Swagger, manually managing request and response transformation templates, manually linking gateway methods to Lambda functions, you can just write the code for your API handlers, and Claudia API Builder takes care of the rest:

var ApiBuilder = require('claudia-api-builder'),
	api = new ApiBuilder(),
	superb = require('superb');

module.exports = api;

api.get('/greet', function (request) {
	return + ' is ' + superb();

The API Builder deploys a Lambda function and all associated API definitions at the same time, so you can manage multiple versions easily. It automatically sets up API Gateway resources the way JavaScript developers expect them to work, enabling CORS for all endpoints (so your users' browsers can call the APIs directly), making query string, form post and request headers directly available (instead of having to specify API Gateway models and templates), and routing errors to HTTP response code 500 (instead of the default 200 which breaks Promise-like request libraries).

More information

Here are some quick links to help you get started and use API Builder more effectively:

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