Claudia 4: Node 8 and NPM 5 support

Claudia 4.0.0 is now on NPM, bringing support for the recently released AWS Lambda NodeJS 8.10 runtime and NPM 5.

This version is fully backwards compatible with v3, apart from the default runtime for new functions. Version 4 creates Node8 functions by default. Updates of existing functions will still use the old runtime. To upgrade a function to Node 8, use claudia update --runtime nodejs8.10.

Version 4 also brings support for NPM5, solving a workflow problem that version 3 had with package-lock.json when removing optional dependencies. Due to how NPM handles locked packages, version 3 would include optional dependencies even when you explicitly request it not to, if they were included in the package lock. Version 4 ignores package-lock.json if you request it to deploy without optional dependencies.

We also increased the major versions of claudia-api-builder and claudia-bot-builder to reduce confusion, so everything is on major version 4 now. There are no changes to these packages apart from the version change.

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