Claudia 3.0.0: Lambda@Edge and more

Claudia 3.0.0 is now on NPM, bringing several important new features:

  1. Deploying to Lambda@Edge. To create an edge function, deploy it to us-east-1 with the usual Node6 runtime, make sure to create an alias using —version then add CloudFront triggers using claudia set-cloudfront-trigger. Please note that due to the current limitations of the Lambda@Edge deployments, you will need to use a specific function version for deployments. As a convenience, Claudia allows you to specify both an alias created using —version (such as development) or a numeric version for deploying CloudFront triggers. Under the hood, triggers are always connected with a numerical version, so you will need to re-run the trigger command every time you want to deploy a new update. Also, functions deployed to Lambda@Edge can currently not be deleted, again due to a limitation of the underlying platform. For more information about Lambda@Edge, check out the official AWS guide.
  2. support for configuring 3GB Lambda functions using --memory
  3. support for deploying custom API Gateway Responses
  4. faster API GW deployments by using a single handler for CORS OPTIONS instead of replicating it for each supported route
  5. support for generating quick start projects with claudia generate

This release is fully backwards compatible with 2.0 in terms of client code, but required changes in internal protocols between the Claudia API Builder and the claudia command line tool, so we increased the major version to avoid incompatible updates to old projects. To use version 3 with API Gateway and Chatbot deployments, also update your Claudia API Builder dependency to at least 3.0.0.

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