A new book about Claudia.js is available!

A book about developing serverless apps with Claudia.js has been announced by Manning Publications!

The title of the book is “Serverless Apps with Node and Claudia.js” and it has been written by Slobodan Stojanovic and Aleksandar Simovic, two core contributors of Claudia.js. The book’s first chapter is free to read.

The book walks you through building serverless apps on AWS using JavaScript and Claudia.js. Inside, you’ll create a full project designed to help you understand and apply general serverless design principles and concepts. Along the way, you’ll also discover many features Claudia brings to the table as you build and deploy a scalable event-based serverless application that is fully integrated with AWS services including Lambda and API Gateway. You’ll learn to simplify the design and development process so you can focus on getting your application deployed as fast as possible without sacrificing quality. Plus, you’ll learn how to migrate your existing Express apps to serverless!

This book will teach you to:

You can read more about the book or buy the book here https://www.manning.com/books/serverless-apps-with-node-and-claudiajs.

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