Claudia 2.9.0: Cognito Auth and IOT triggers

Claudia 2.9.0 is now on NPM, with two major new features:

Cognito Authorizers

Cognito Authorizers now finally work with Claudia Api Builder, thanks to Andrew Gits, Paul Korzhyk and David Hooper. To use Cognito authorizers, just register the provider ARNs and specify cognitoAuthorizer in the endpoint options.

api.registerAuthorizer('MyCognitoAuth', {
    providerARNs: ['<COGNITO POOL ARN>']
});'/lockedMessages', request => {
  return doSomethingUseful(request);
}, { cognitoAuthorizer: 'MyCognitoAuth' })

IOT Triggers

Claudia has a new shortcut for setting up IOT Topic Rules to trigger Lambda functions when a message is posted to AWS IOT Data Topics. Use claudia add-iot-topic-rule to quickly create a topic rule and set up all the required privileges to execute your Lambda function.

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