Manage Lambda Environment Variables

Claudia 2.2.0 is now on NPM, introducing support for recently introduced Lambda Environment Variables. You can provide the variables in two ways:

These options are available for claudia create, claudia update and claudia set-version. If you provide a new configuration to set-version, it will publish a new version after updating the configuration, not just reassign the alias to the last known version.

Check out the Environment Variables example project for a full example, and the Managing Lambda Versions tutorial for an in-depth explanation of the new options and how they compare to using other ways of managing configuration.

The 2.2.0 version also enables functions to be created without any IAM access, which may be important for larger organisations where developers do not have direct access to IAM. Just pass an existing IAM role ARN with --role to claudia create. Using the role name as --role still works (and requires read-only access to discover the ARN), but if you pass an ARN instead of a name, Claudia will not even try to access IAM during deployment.

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