Run Pandoc on AWS Lambda

Pandoc is one of the most powerful document conversion tools in the world, but it’s not directly available on AWS Lambda. We’ve created a pre-compiled binary so you can run Pandoc easily from your Lambda functions, and create scalable document conversion services easily.

You can download the pre-compiled Pandoc binary from GitHub. This will work with any deployment tool or framework that uses the current Lambda Amazon Linux images, so you’re not just limited to Claudia packages.

If you use JavaScript to build your Lambda functions, there’s also a convenient NPM module with a Node.js wrapper. Check out the usage instructions at Pandoc AWS Lambda repository on GitHub, and install it from NPM using:

npm install pandoc-aws-lambda-binary -S

For an example project that uses Pandoc to convert files to docx using an S3 bucket, check out the Pandoc S3 Converter Example Project. For a detailed step-by-step explanation of this project, check out the How to Run Pandoc in AWS Lambda Tutorial

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