Claudia API Builder 1.4.1 released

claudia-api-builder 1.4.1 is now on NPM. The big improvement is the possibility to automate configuring stage variables.

Claudia API Builder supports setting post-deploy steps, to help automate configuration tasks during deployment. But, until now, you needed to manually implement deploying new stage variables. From 1.4.1. onwards, there is a new shortcut for that, because it’s such a common task. Just call

api.addPostDeployConfig('message', 'Enter a message:', 'custom-message');

In this case, message is the name of the stage variable, Enter a message: is the prompt that the users will see during deployment, and custom-message is the configuration option required to trigger the step. When an API contains that line, you can make Claudia ask you to define the stage variable by running

claudia update --custom-message

Likewise, you can provide the value directly in the command line for unattended operation

claudia update --custom-message Ping

Check out the Post Deploy Configuration example to see this in action.

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